A Conference With the Birds is an ongoing project that investigates various relationships between birds and humans: neighbors, signs, partners and guides.  Since the beginning of human history we have looked to them as harbingers of water, land, communications and sometimes transcendence, but they have become much more for us over the centuries.  In this exhibit, a short video piece is a point of departure for an ongoing series of totem paintings.

  Birds, like us, are storytellers, and the video aspect of this project retells one of the stories handed down from the birds to the poet Attar (long before the era that we call the 15th century).   It is the story of an epic struggle that humans share with birds, but it also leaves us at the doorstep of one of the oldest philosophical questions: the question of the one and the many.

        The exhibit opens with a celebration July 12th, 2014 (from 2pm-8pm) at the beautiful Echo Park Garden Gallery
(1858 Echo Park ave. LA, CA 90026).  *There will be food, drinks, music, and activities for all ages.   Viewings after that will be by appointment only. 
To schedule one, e-mail me at: krista.chael@gmail.com

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